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Tools in My Shop

As mentioned on my home page, I love my shop! My tools aren’t all Snap-on or MAC, I have a variety probably like most DIY’ers. Harbor Freight has been a wonderful source for quite a few of my tools.  You can read my blogs by clicking this link: “My Tools” Blog Posts. The most recent tool, my MaxJax lift,  has to be my most valued lifting tool! Let’s face it, we have to get under the cars now and then! I used a floor jack for a couple years, but I was able to get under the cars only has high as jack stands would allow.  I hope to be making short videos of my MaxJax and other tools.

My MaxJax

My Welding arsenal

Though I’m not the best welder in town, I do OK!

The large blue machine (previously owned and from the ’90’s) on the left is a Systematics 175, 220volt.  I use it for my heavy welding. It’s an incredible machine and made right here in the USA!

The green machine is an Everlast PU205, 3 in 1, Tig, Plasma cutter and stick.

The machine on the right is from Northern Tools. A 135 amp mig, I keep .23 wire in it for lighter duty welding~ a marvelous machine 110volt.

Below: My Little Mule! A most incredible shop necessity for the person who works alone. You can read more about this mini lift on my tool blog.

Below: A versatile welding table from Northern Tools. It’s light weight, but strong! I can move it easily when I’m not using it as well. But it is another “table” that easily gets stuff piled on top of it! This table is essential to my fabricating needs! I used to use jack stands and work on the floor; that’s a thing of the past! ; ) It was about 70 bucks! I have the three different types of welding machines within easy reach~ each one begging to be used! ha ha! ; )



I just added this on 1-5-13. This is a great table to have around! I only use it when I need it, otherwise it’s kept out of the shop. My regular workbench always has stuff on it! So this portable folding table saves the day and very often! But never leave it up all the time is the Key, as it will accumulate junk and you’ll never put it away. ; )




My Everlast PU205 PLasma cutter at work ; )  To be honest, I wouldn’t advise buying this Everlast PU205! It’s only worked for me a couple of times, and I’ve only used it a couple of times! I had to send it back to the company, (80 bucks to them, then 35 back to me!). I didn’t use it for a while, then when I did, the plasma cutter didn’t work. So now it’s a boat anchor! Buyer beware on this unit. Buy from your local welding supply that way you can a least gripe in their face when it doesn’t work! And do spend the money on something good and well known! ; )



My Tool Chest from Harbor Freight tools! Awesome! These boxes are on sale often and a great deal!



My hammer Drill from Harbor Freight tools~ kicks ass! 😉 I think it works best on smaller concrete holes vs. ~ say 7/8″ holes.  Smaller holes would be best. However I did drill the 7/8″ holes for my Maxjax, and it did “ok”.  I rented a known hammer drill from Home Depot~ and it would drill circles around my Harbor freight hammer drill 🙁



My oil drain, designed for mid-rise lifts like my MaxJax. May be purchased from GESUSA.com, tell them I sent you.


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