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My MaxJax Lift

HI! Dne’ here! My most recent major tool purchase within the past couple years has been the marvelous MaxJax lift, it has to be my most valued lifting tool, then my Little Mule comes in 2nd!  Let’s face it, we have to get under the classic cars now and then! I used a floor jack for a couple of years, but I was able to get under the cars only has high as jack stands would allow.

When shopping for a mid-rise lift, I came across a link to Jay Leno’s garage. As everyone knows, Jay Leno is a car enthusiast extreme! He had someone demonstrating the MaxJax on his site. I was sold! This lift is designed for garages with a low ceiling, like mine. The ceiling in my shop is 8′! Most people would probably say, “why bother?”, but floor jacks and jack stands I consider to be prehistoric! The MaxJax can be purchased at various places on the internet, but I chose Garage Equipment Supply (GESUSA)  MaxJax 2-Post Portable Lifts; they’re very nice and the service is excellent! If you call them, tell them I sent you! I just like good people!

My 67 Mustang Coupe on The MaxJax

me and my Maxjax

I’m just mesmerized by this advertising picture~ I’d like to have one wall in my garage look like this, only with my Mustang  on it! ; )

My mothers riding lawn mower on The MaxJax lift

A cool thing about the MaxJax, one column may be used for projects like in the next few photos ; )  My Mom’s (she’s 86) Craftsman 54″ Lawn tractor here on one column. I needed to replace the drive belt, muffler, lube, etc. Yes, I could have done this on the floor, but “Why?” No stress or strain here! This is where a little imagination and creativity comes in, and an assortment of 4 x 6 wood blocks! ; )

My Honda 4000 psi pressure washer. The single column made working on this service easier as well, bringing the pressure washer to my waist level, saving my back! and my knees!  and my patience! I injured my back years ago when lifting a patient in a hospital (I’m a physical therapist assistant), so I have to be a little careful these days! How’s your back?

Probably one would ask, “how safe is the MaxJax?”  I would guess is an important question! It’s kind of easy answer~ It’s very safe, but only as safe as the person in charge of using it! No different from using a floor jack! How many times may you have heard of a small floor jack slipping?  Just using common sense will take one a long way! Safety in the shop is always priority one!!

Here, a classic ’57 Chevy Bel-air 4 door on my MaxJax. The Bel-air is a pretty large vehicle!

I Like this photo as it shows the beauty of the Bel-air and of course the MaxJax in action!

Once again, the MaxJax is designed for people with a low garage ceiling, but of course may be installed wherever you like, as long as it’s mounted in concrete of 4″ or more thickness.  My shop ceiling is 8′. Now not all cars will make it to the top-notch of the MaxJax, but fortunately my ’67 Mustang does! Seems like I’m always having to do something to my Mustang!

I just thought this was a neat photo! My mustang is about 1″ away from the ceiling! ; )  Let’s see you get your car up this high with jack stands!

A Third column

Now this is a unique situation! My 59 Chevy Apache is next over to my Mustang on 4 – 2 ton tripod stands from www.gregsmithequipment.com/jack-stands. Note: I feel no person using a lift should be without these type of jack stands~ added protection and adds stability to the project at hand) My truck will be there for a long time and I need my MaxJax in the other “stall”. Another great versatility of the MaxJax is the ability to unbolt it from the floor to: store it out of the way when not in use, or relocate it. However, I begged my husband to let me buy a single MaxJax column!  I can unbolt the center column and face it in the direction of which ever I need without unbolting the one column against the walls, which in my shop is difficult to get to! No, you don’t have to do this! Is it cost-effective? OK, how about spending gobs of time and money on a classic car, only one day to sell if for half of what’s in it? Go figure! ; )

Now I have two stalls to use at any time! If I don’t want the MaxJax where it is, I unbolt it and roll it out of the way until I do need it! Pretty slick!! Look at all the room to work under my Mustang! Impressive!

And of course you can put whatever you want on the MaxJax, as long as it doesn’t exceed the 6,000 pound rating and the concrete meets the requirements necessary.  I don’t think I have any vehicle that weighs that much anyway.

Here I was servicing my daughters Subaru Outback. A left front CV joint went out. Yeah, Mom can fix it! Now this is one situation that I can’t get a car to the top-notch on the MaxJax, but still higher than jack stands.

Getting my MaxJax home

I had my MaxJax delivered to a local trucking place. Conway. I just went to get it on my little utility trailer and of course they loaded it.  I unloaded this by myself, in pieces of course!  My husband was out of town. Brains over Brawn! Each column weighs  300lbs! I used floor jacks and a delicate approach to getting down to the ground!

Here I had just parked the two columns, now to figure where to put them!

Actually, positioning the MaxJax where it’s going to be, or not be, was quite easy! I just put my Mustang where it would clear the open garage door, put the columns where what seemed logical, marked the spots, and went to work making the holes for the anchors. Don’t skimp on the hammer drill you need to drill the holes! You can rent a good hammer drill!

Use of one column is wonderful! It’s versatility is impressive and functional! Notice my pump for the MaxJax is now mounted on the garage wall. This is permanent, and I can just use the hydraulic quick disconnects to where ever I need them.

While scrolling through the many photos, I came across this picture of my Apache on the MaxJax. This is where I really could have used the 6″ pad extensions! Instead I’m using 4 x 6 wooden blocks on top of the pads. The frame is recessed quite a bit under the frame, but I made due with what I have. ; )

1959 Chevy Apache

My new to me, ’97 Geo Tracker being serviced on the MaxJax!



Update: Not long ago we added onto the already existing garage to give me more room to work, or play! 😉 I had the opportunity to put a full sized car lift in, but it would have been permanent. I Like the versatility of the Maxjax lift because when I’m done with it, I can move it out of the way!

Though I’d like to be able to walk under a vehicle, I find it not necessary. I can get any vehicle that we own up high enough to use a creeper seat and be comfortable, and most the time, I’m just doing oil changes or brake work.


Believe me, my garage doesn’t look this clean anymore! lol


new garage new garage2

The largest vehicle that we own is a ’10 Mazda Cx-9. Here I was replacing the front brakes/calipers and rotating the wheels. Notice I have my low/tall jack stands in place for added safety! Better safe than sorry eh!


OK, that’s all I have to say now~ I plan to post more photos and in the near future of cars and truck on my MaxJax lift ; )

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