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1967 Mustang Coupe

The first project car I acquired is a ’67 Mustang coupe. Maybe I bit off a little more than I could chew, but I was dedicated to putting this classic back on the road!  You can read my blogs by clicking this link: 67 Mustang Coupe Blog Posts.

Completed 67 Mustang Coupe at car meet

The beginning

In February ’08, I went to look at a project ’67 Mustang coupe in college station. They wanted 600.oo! So about 2 hours later I found the place. Just so happened at that moment a horrible storm blew in, rain was going horizontal! The man said the stang I was inquiring about was way in the back. He cut a large piece of plastic, I put it on and trudged back to where it was. OMG, it was horrible, the windows were out, the doors were inside the car, and I thought to myself, no way!

I went back to the man and told him, this will be my first project, and this one won’t be it, but he said ,”I have another Mustang too!” Well, here it is folks! I paid 1300. and the man put it on a trailer and pulled it to my home, no charge! woo hoo!

The plan! I didn’t have a plan! Just start taking it apart, but first I emptied the trash out of the car~ I filled 3 very large trash cans and boy did it stink! Then I got a glimpse of what I got myself into~ EEE Gads!

Now I can understand why the battery area would be so bad! Batteries would put off gas, battery acid, corrosion, just eats this area up! Luckily, sheet metal is readily available, just cut out the old, weld in the new!

I never mentioned why I wanted a mustang to restore~ Well my fellow car enthusiast friends, many years ago, about 1975 I’d guess, my brother had a ’67 Mustang coupe and it was a neat car!! I never forgot it~ I’ll have to dig around for a photo of that Mustang, someone remind me! Never mind! My brother sent me the photo~ a blast from the past! I remember taking this photo like it was yesterday, and if you look closely, you can see the right rear corner of my ’65 GTO!  Sob!

A vintage photo taken in the late ’70’s of my brothers ’67 Ford Mustang!

After many long years, a poor little mustang got put out to pasture. Would it be saved? Seeing just this one floor pan in this state~ I can fix this! I have the means! I will make it new again!

All the floor compartments were like this! Again, this is not uncommon! Many restored cars and trucks, the floor pans end up having new floors. However, I can assure you, it’s not so simple just to install a new floor!

In the photo below, you can just make out the front suspension. The front drum brakes have 4 lugs. Usually this is associated with a 6 cylinder car, but the VIN reveals this to have been an 8 cylinder car, which would have had 5 lugs(lug nuts)! After a little investigation, I discovered somebody swapped out the 5 lug for the 4 lug! Don’t ask me! It would get all new suspension anyway, and have power front disc brakes!

Yes, this car had AC! Factory Air!

There’s something to keep in mind on the earlier model cars~ the only safety features would have been seat belts with maybe a collapsible steering column. So when you drive your late-model car with air bags, crunch zones, etc, give the classic a little room, and for goodness sakes, don’t pull out in front of one as happened to me the other day, luckily my power disc brakes saved the ddday! (see, I’m starting to stutter!).

It was very rewarding to shoot the first coat of epoxy primer, it was so nice and clean and pretty, even in gray!

The floor pans are all in, and coated in primer, still a long way to go!

For those who have never done any of this kind of work~ it’s tough work! The rewards are seen, heard and felt. When driving, you can see the heads turn to look at the nice looking older car that’s had a facelift! ; )

I must admit, the color, Hugger orange, went on smoothly covering the primer~ I did this! Stand back and look what I did~ Dude!

This putting the rally stripes through the engine compartment is nothing new, and If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t have done it~ just doesn’t show with the engine in place, but I have a few observant lookers that notice.

I’ll be back!

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