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1957 Chevy Bel-Air 4 door sportscoupe

My 57 Chevy Bel-air 4 door sportscoupe story

Hi, Dne’ here! Here’s a little story about this unique Classic! Unfortunately I don’t own this remarkable classic anymore, but I felt compelled to include in The Classic Cars and Tools, as I truly miss this beauty!  You can read my blogs by clicking this link: 57 Chevy Bel-Air Blog Posts.

About mid way through my ’67 Mustang restomod, my husband (Gary) and I purchased a home on Lake Conroe, just north of Houston.  We wanted a classic, but not sure of what to buy.  Thinking back in time, a friend of mine had a ’57 Chevy 2 door in high school, and it was awesome! So I decided on looking for a ’57 Chevrolet Bel-air.

It wasn’t long, I actually found one here in Houston not far from our home! We looked at it, drove it, and I thought it was a 2 door, but in fact was a 4 door! The Sportscoupe model doesn’t have door posts, so gives the appearance of a 2 door, but I liked the Sportscoupe almost as much as the 2 door!

As for the lake home, we owned it for a short time! It was too much work! However, this is where the Bel-air stayed, kept in a nice large garage, along with some other toys. The Bel-air was fun to cruise around the back roads of Conroe~ a scenic drive around a beautiful lake!

While driving this classic, I’d feel like I was in a time machine, living in the day of our parents~ probably the prime of their lives, the fabulous 1950’s! Just look at the dash of this automobile~ a blast from the past!

Anyway, back to reality eh! ; ) Though this Chevy wasn’t perfect, it sure did look perfect! I did some upgrades at our Houston home where I could put the Bel-air up on my MaxJax lift. The MaxJax made working on the classic more enjoyable for sure! Upgrades included power front disc brakes, rear leaf springs, shocks, gas tank, and a few other things.

The people in my neighborhood must be really jealous as they pass our home! Our home gleams with Classics and my MaxJax is easily seen from the street~ They surely must think I’m a professional mechanic!

At this time, not long ago, these two beauties sat side by side in an air-conditioned garage~ never to see rain, or the morning dew, or tree sap. Only nice sunny days would they be out to be seen! They are special and dear to me as it was a special time in our history of the automobile era and the American way of simplicity!

A picture taken of the Bel-air at our ex-lake home. Here, the new leaf springs on the rear set the height just right, not too low, nor too high! What a sight!!

The story grows short here unfortunately, as the lake home sold and there really wasn’t any available room for storage of the Bel-air due to a new project being tackled at the Houston home. The ’59 Chevy Apache was taking up half the garage, and the 67 Mustang, the other half! If we had the room, we would have kept it : (

However, as fate would have it, a most marvelous and interesting person from “Down Under”, Australia, called me one day, and inquired about the Bel-air I have for sale on Craigslist! I didn’t really take him serious, but as the phone calls kept on, and emails exchanging, Tony from Australia purchased my Bel-air! This photo below is the last moment I had with the Bel-air before it went on a long journey to another part of our world!

I can understand why someone would want a large garage full of classics! It’s like feeling being a part of an era that we can never be actually part of~ makes me want to cry!

Your car enthusiast friend, Dne’  ; )