Welcome to Classic Cars and Tools!

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Hi! I’m Dne’, and I live in good ole Houston. Welcome to Classic Cars and Tools! After working on a few old cars over the years, I felt it was time to put together a website on my car projects and general information on tools that could be useful to others. In the early ‘70’s in high school, I took auto-mechanics which proved to be a great foundation for understanding the basics. Of course, automobiles were much simpler then!

The classics on my site are my hobby, and I look forward to getting up each day and tackling something! There is always something to do!

What led me to classic cars? It hasn’t always been this way. I was into sport bikes and road racing from 1999~ 2006. Then after getting a few more miles on my body, I needed to look for something else to do. So, the first project car came along, my ’67 Mustang coupe. Maybe I bit off a little more than I could chew, but I was dedicated to putting this classic back on the road!

Though this is another story in itself,  working on getting my road race license, and running my beautiful, but powerful sportbikes at track days, was probably the most exciting time in my life! Fortunately I survived those days of going really fast, which led me to~ “where do I go from here?”  Which led to the decision of car restoration! Awesome!

Here I am with my Mustang, still unfinished. I really don’t think classic cars are ever completely finished! There’s always something else to do, like upgrade something else, fix something, an oil leak pops up, etc., see what I mean! And then cost is a large consideration~ you cannot do anything cheaply on a classic! ; )

I love my shop! My tools aren’t all Snap-on or MAC, I have a variety probably like most DIY’ers. Harbor Freight has been a wonderful source for a few of my tools. The most recent tool, my MaxJax lift, has to be my most valued lifting tool! Let’s face it, we have to get under the cars often! I used a floor jack for a couple of years, but I was able to get under the cars only has high as jack stands would allow. So, I’m working in style now!;)

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