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Miata seats overhaul

Hi y’all!

Doesn’t seem like that long ago I was anxious to buy some Miata seats for my TR/mx. Austin, the fella I bough the Miata doner car from had these NB Miata seats and I loved them~at least I thought I did:(







The ultimate seats to have in the TR are the earlier 90’s seats(I believe from 90-97?). So these popped up on CL for 120.oo for the set so out to the seller I went! I got so busy talking with the fella that I didn’t even check the seats out! It didn’t matter about the actual seat covers.Β  His place of business is right across the street from my brothers car wash, and it was my fathers before dating back 45 years or so! We had a lot to talk about;)






Got them home and EEEK! The seat pans on both were pretty rusted out! meh, I would have bought them anyway, it’s just a little more work to fix!






After a quick spray off in my medial cabinet blaster, they cleaned up a little bit; at least not looking so gross! But there is work to be done!






Out with my Harbor Freight cut off tool, and let the cutting begin! The metal cut like butter!!




Then off to my Harbor freight brake,bend,sheer machine, which Gary had bought for my birthday a while back;) This thing is one heavy thing, but works crazy wonderful!! and cut up some material to patch the seat pans.






Now who’s going to be looking under my Miata seats after I’m done? to make the new holes, I used a 1.25″ hole saw, then placed a socket beneath the holes, then a ball peen hammer to make what you see. I don’t know what you call this type of metal work. πŸ˜‰ guess I could have been a little more exact on the holes placement:(





I had to weld on some new seat cover hooks, things. I used pieces of Tig welding rod for this.






Not the prettiest job, but better eh!!;)





I put them back in my cabinet blaster, then used some phosphoric acid to neutralize the remaining rust, the painted the pans with Rust Bullet, kind of like POR15.





And hopefully these will last a while longer!





The bolster on the driver’s side needed some attention as it was sagging as expected. I put some left over vinyl fabric to re-enforce the bolster, then I’m ready for the new seat covers!!




These seat covers I bought from Amazon, about 145.oo bucks for the set, then another 15.oo for the hog ring pliers and package of hog rings. Installation of these is not too bad, just a little tedious. I know I could do it in half the time now and probably much better. I would not want to do it for a living, that’s for sure. I can appreciate the upholsterers! πŸ˜‰





I am so thrilled how they turned out!! The color is perfect, the material is super nice and price superb!!! A+++




I didn’t take any pictures, but I did install speakers in the head rests and they are incredible, but I don’t consider the speakers in the headrests as stand alone, I do have 6×9 speakers in the little area behind the seats as well. I can blast music now!!





Perforated head rests to let the music out;) Outstanding!!As I said in the last blog, progress is incredible on this project~ I’ll be back soon with more updates! I hope you, my followers are enjoying my Classic cars and tools! have a super day!

dne’ πŸ˜‰

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  1. Elaine Barndt says:

    Wow, you did a great job on those seats. Can’t wait to see more.

    • admin says:

      Hey Elaine, thank you for the compliment! and thank you for subscribing to my little blog(not so little anymore;). The weather is so nice her in Houston, I’d better get some actual work done tomorrow! πŸ˜‰
      dne’ πŸ˜‰