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Rocker panel stripes ;)

Good afternoon maties!  There’s something about rocker panel stripes which really can give a car an awesome look! Takes something bland and into Bling!  It’s relatively easy to do and does require a little patience, but the outcome is just plain fun! 😉




A while back after “finishing” my 67 Mustang (they’re never finished), it just needed something~ too much Hugger Orange on the side view~ So off to ebay I began looking at rocker panel stripes. There are many vendors which sell, and can even make them to your specifications, any color, just about any style.


So, shortly after installing, keeping in mind this was a few years ago~ it just made my stang even more cool! 😉 Ah the simple things in life!






So, just before Christmas (2016), I asked our youngest daughter if she would like some stripes to break up the boring bland look on her Honda CRV~ she said yeah!  Well, ordered some~

(forgot to take before pics, but this is what they all look like)



After getting here CRV in my hands and an hour later~ vroooom! installed and ready to rock! 😉





So, asked our oldest daughter the same for her 2012 Honda Pilot~ (again, forgot to take a before pic, but this is what her Pilot looks like before rocker panel stripes).




Though not as glamorous as the CRV or Mustang, but does give a bling to the look of her plain jane vehicle.





Going back in time when I had my little 98 Geo Tracker, my followers would know that I painted it, another project but was sold a while back, actually broke even for once! 😉 BLAND! lol What to do!



I Love it! A little more was done on it, a 2″ lift kit with fender flares, the original Tracker decal, then the rocker panel stripes! What a difference eh! Darn, wish I had kept the little “truck”, sure was a lot of fun!:( sigh!




OK, I may have gotten a little carried away on my past 98 Rav4! lol, it actually looks great without graphics.


HOWEVER, I wanted it to be a Hot Wheels Rav4!! And by golly little kids loved it! Darn, another fun car to drive! sold, it went to Africa~ can you believe it!:(


That’s about it for stripes, I may or may not put stripes on my TR6, but who knows!

Thanks for tuning in~ I hope you got a little kick out this short blog!

dne’ 😉


2 Responses so far.

  1. Bruce Hartmann says:

    You sold your Tracker???? I’m shocked and appalled!

    • admin says:

      Yes, I knew I was going to hear about selling it~ I did give it my all in restoring it~ the man that bought it fell in love with it and he would tow it behind his motorhome to tour the USA! I’m sure he received many compliments on it. You know Bruce, if we had a shop/garage that was large enough~ I wouldn’t sell anything; I could have my own Dne’s garage, like Jay Leno’s garage; only smaller;)
      dne’ 😉