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TR6 front fender repair

HI everyone~ progress has been a little slow thanks to the holidays, but now it’s time to get back in the swing of things!

Decisions are always being made to repair or replace things in a restoration. If it were feasible, I’d just purchase a new front fender(wing) and be done with it, but body parts on the TR’s are just plain expensive! Say 700 bucks plus s/h! Ouch! Oh, perhaps a coupon might knock off a bit.


However, there is the challenge associated to save something and satisfaction to save a few bucks!; Below, the wings are epoxy coated awaiting build primer.

paint gun2



Though no pictures, removal of an undercoating from the factory, a thick tarry substance needed to be removed, but using my heat gun in small areas at a time, it scrapped off without much problem.



After removal of the left front wing, looks like a critter may have taken up residence here. Luckily the sill plate was still in tack with no rust through!

TR drivers rocker2



However, surprise! The lower part of the wing was rusted badly and either in need of repair, or replace the entire Wing. I just couldn’t part with 700 bucks, so a fender repair kit it will be!;)

TR drivers front fender


The fender kit, available on eBay or through Moss motors is right at 100 bucks, but it is very well made and with several hours of work, will prove to be worth it.


Note: I could have not performed this fender repair without the help of Keith Niehouse of Niehouse Restoration! Below is a shorter Youtube of the lower repair panel, but he also sells a full version CD of which I bought and watched it, and reviewed back to it numerous times! It’s well worth it!!



Thank you Keith for this video and the fender repair panel!!;)



The measurements as Keith points out in his video I followed to the T!



TR fender repair7



In my case, I used my HF electric cutoff tool with a 1/16″ cutoff wheel. Of course an air operated will work great as well! I also use it for grinding down high welds.

cut off tool

TR fender repair8




This little lip as Keith points out, helps to line the patch panel in at the correct angle and give it strength. Ingenious!

TR fender repair9

TR fender repair9a



A flanger will be necessary to flange the new piece in order to have a nice strong flat structure. This tool is also at HF! What would I do without Harbor Freight tools! It also has a hole punch on the opposite side.



Once all checked and rechecked, it’s ready to be tacked into place.

TR fender repair9b



This incredible 90 degree grinder from Harbor Freight worked the welds down using 40 grit 3″ discs. Yes, it will run a compressor to death, but this tool is useful for other debridment too. The adapter on it right now if for gasket removal and there are a variety of “discs” available for it.




Before n after! I’m pleased,

TR fender repair6 - Copy

TR fender repair5*******************************************************************************************************************



Headlight repair:

Unfortunately, a patch panel isn’t made for this headlight area!:( I wish I had more skills in the fabrication of metal working, but what I did should suffice.

TR fender repair2



This is where my air nibbler from Harbor freight came in handy for cutting out the metal from floor pan metal left over.Β  A pair of metal shears would probably have been sufficient, but this tool makes the job a little easier.;)

air nibbler

TR fender repair




Obviously, this TR had taken a few hits in its time. Here some of the dent puller holes, I’ve already welded up. The two larger holes were next. I put a piece of copper behind it to help fill the holes. I burned through a few times, but eventually got them all filled.

TR fender repair3


TR fender repair4



Shot with a couple coats of high build primer and block sanded, I just need to shoot a sealer then they’ll be ready for BC/CC!;)

TR fender repair9d TR fender repair9cThere is an incredible amount of work/play left~ A dent has been made and I’ll keep trudging along. Stay tuned for more adventures on my Classic Cars and tools, be sure to subscribe and follow along and make comments or even ask questions! πŸ˜‰



4 Responses so far.

  1. cliff says:

    it’s not harbor freight, but check out “shrinking discs”. wray schelin has a good video on how effective they are. with practice, you can get the panel to the point that heavy build primer is all that’s needed – no bondo. but, like you, i do love me some harbor freight.

    • admin says:

      Hi Cliff! I will definitely check out the shrinking discs and the video you’re referring to, I need all the help I can get! Thanks for the tips and taking part in my blog! πŸ˜‰

  2. Jay says:

    Glad to see your back at it. Very impressed. Motivates me to get back in the shop too. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Thanks Jay! Thanks for visiting my blog and the compliment!! Always nice to have fellow car enthusiasts pop in!! πŸ˜‰ dne’