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TR6 Front Disc brakes overhaul

Hey~It’s Howdy Doody time! Just kidding, but I’ve had some time to overhaul my front disc brakes on my TR6! Yes, I could buy some new ones but what would be the fun in that!;)



My goodness, looks like these calipers had been in a pasture for a while! Needless to say the pistons were stuck and took some persuasion to get them out! But they did come out but the pistons were not re-usable.:(Ā  Gee, there’s still a lot of pad left on those brake pads! I could clean em up!! Not!

TR brake calipers2



Here parts were being observed, like what now! I’m not going with the spin-on hubs, I’ll be using regular wheels, and of course some new rotors will be in order and bearings too.

TR6 front brakes, etcSo, I taped up the orifices and cylinders, then blasted them in my HF blast cabinet. I do want them to look nice n new!




I found new pistons and seal kits on Partsgeek.com, then just cleaned up the caliper halves, honed them and they cleaned up very well. The little O-rings which go between the caliper halves I purchased from Moss motors.Ā  See that brass thing in the upper right hand of the pic, that’s the proportioning valve, new that little thing goes for 400 bucks! GAG!

TR brake calipers


Here the newly restored original calipers are ready for installation;)

TR brake calipers3



I took a little time and painted the rotors so they won’t rust; I don’t like rusty looking parts, do you? However, who knows what these will look like in another 30 years!

Tr6 front brakes4



Today my new bleeder valves came in, now where oh where are the little dust caps for them!

TR6 front brakes3


All new brake lines from Moss Motors and braided lines should give confidence when stopping. No air bags, nor anti-lock brakes here~ simple as brakes can get! Isn’t that a pretty site! It’s just a downright shame to put a body on this frame! šŸ˜‰

TR6 front brakes2OH, that’s the end of this blog! I’ll come back to this in a few years after the restoration is complete and comment on the stopping ability of my TR! Until then!;)

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Gary says:

    A few years? Oh, no!

    • admin says:

      Gee Gary, I have to make this project last a little while, if I finish too soon, I won’t have anything to work on! But then again, there will be a lot of maintenance keeping my 3 classic cars going šŸ˜‰