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Went to fetch a TR6 Tub

Good morning friends!  First, what is a Tub? Well, if one removes all the fenders, hood,deck lid, doors, instruments, dash, etc, this would leave the Tub. It’s pretty much a core, a hollow nothingness shell.


My lesson learned, which I thought maybe I may have learned by now, is I didn’t examine the 71 TR6 that I had purchased a couple of years ago. Only until I put it up on my Maxjax lift did I see the damage of time and neglect:(


Fortunately, parts n such are usually available, or waiting a bit, the parts can be found. As in my case, I needed a Tub due to mine was in really bad shape!


Below, my pre-owned Tub from Foreign Car Enterprises in Kansas City, Mo.


TR Tub8


Let’s take a look at a bad Tub. Much of the time I would tackle floor pans, and other “imperfections”, but a new floor pan alone is right at 300. Well, this TR needed both floor pans, and trunk floor(450, but not available), inner and outer sills, and a battery tray. All this adds up to about 1300-1400 bucks, not including my hard labor of installing it all!


From underneath, a view of the driver’s side floor pan, on the top side someone put some sheet metal making the floor feel solid.



Passenger side, inner sill:



drivers side front sill before blowing off only to discover more rusty holes: Looks like a mouse may have lived here for a while;)

TR drivers rocker2


the better of the floor pans, which is toast!

TR floor2


The trunk, pinholes, and moon type surface, very rough. If this metal was available, it’s about 450.oo, but is not available.  tr trunk

The NEW Tub:

So, hooked up the trailer and took a 11 hour (one way) to Kansas City, Mo., Destination Foreign car Enterprise. It’s a small family owned restoration shop which works on and restores British cars. They just happen to have a Tub!


Though not much to look at, the Tub will put me ahead of schedule, but it’s not without work by any means!


The Tub will wind up being sandblasted or whatever media cleaning I decide to go with.


The truck floor is in very good condition!


Now here’s where I really could have used a Gantry Crane!

TR Tub7


Rear area looks good and so does the rear valance:

TR Tub3

Unfortunately, the trip was a little hard on the Tub. This was the best I could do to keep the door opening from spreading as the trip back to Houston was long and rough on it. It’s not a problem as I’ll be pulling it back into spec and weld in supports.



Here, I had set the front wings/fenders on for a quick to see how they are going to line up. I’m quite pleased with the fit, especially around where the valance “joins” with the wings. My other body did not line up well at all~ I’m quite pleased! 😉



Can you see the finished product? British racing green, possibly with a hardtop?;)

TR new body


And here it where it sits at the moment, I’m not ready to tackle the Tub just yet as I’m still working on the Frame and removing parts from the old rusty TR6.

TR Tub4**************************************************************************************************************************






Update~~ 😉 UPDATE UPDATE!!!

A lot has happened over the past several months! The floor pan on the drivers side required some attention, BUT nothing like the original Tub!


A new genuine floor pan from a Triumph vendor is a little pricey, so I ordered this set from eBay, but with intentions to only use part of the drivers side. These look like they would fit, but unfortunately do not, bu at least the bolt holes are where they’re supposed to be. I just had to weld in some nut under these for the seats to be bolted in someday.



Pleased with the harbor freight home made rotisserie, working on the tub was a cinch! It was especially nice when it came time to paint the tub. Here it’s just stored for the time being until I got around to it.





I took this pic cause I was just so pleased with the versatility of the rotisserie;) Not shown, but in the fender wells, there was an incredible amount of undercoated which had to be removed. It was quite a chore to get off~~ !!!




After a ridiculous amount of sanding, prepping, I shot 2 coats of epoxy primer, followed by the details of putting stripes down the center on the British Racing Green.




The center stripes of which I was trying to make “ghost stripes”, the color is Forest Green metallic. In the sunlight, it sparkles a beautiful shimmery green!! Sad but the viewer can’t really see that:(




Several days later, I installed the sound proofing material which was quite a relaxing thing to do, plus it made the interior floor look neato! Note the Miata 5 speed transmission;)



Also, I installed radiant barrier over the front of the foot wells. I want the cockpit to be a cool as possible, especially with the air conditioning going.

Sorry it had been so long for an update, but believe me, I’m moving right along!!!!

So, stay tuned for updates~ Don’t forget to subscribe to my Classic Cars and Tools;)

Classic car enthusiast~ dne’ 😉