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TR6 frame rusted beyond repair

Hi, Dne’ here~ OMG, I think I forgot how to blog! It’s been so long! Let’s catch up on what’s up here at Classic Cars and Tools shall we!;)


A while back I bought a 71 Triumph TR6 with the sole purpose for a project, you know, something to keep me busy; like I don’t have enough to do around here to keep myself busy!ha!

TR6 fender



Finally having the poor little neglected TR6 up on one of my Maxjax lifts, I find a horrible sight! The holes seen here are NOT supposed to be there! The trailing arms (TA’s) or I’m used to calling them the rear lower control arms bolt to that rusted structure. That’s not going to work!




OH, this side doesn’t nearly as bad, it only has one extra-large rust hole! :(

trframe6 Let’s say I just forget about it  and just drive the TR6 the way it is~ and one of the TA’s become un-attached due to the rusted frame not being able to hold it. The TA could possibly come loose then hit the ground catapulting the TR6 end over end! (worse case scenario), but would definitely need a wrecker to come get the TR6;) Let’s not mention how embarrassing it would be! omg!


So, at this point of being totally concerned, and having learned a little to a lot more about TR’s in a relatively short period of time~ I concluded that I don’t think I want to tackle this TR6!


Not getting off that easy, a forum that I belong to, dedicated to TR’s, www.6-pack.org really gave me some feedback, pretty much that I give up too easily and kind of loser(not in so many words), so OKOKOK, I’ll see what I can do;)




Options regarding a frame:

#1) Repair the existing frame (not an option)!


#2) Buy an awesome Ratco frame~ the pic below is a Ratco frame, it’s brand spanking new, new metal and will last forever providing superb stability, and just thinking one has to put a body on it and hide it forever? I’d just soon have it, and never put a car body on it!! However the price tag is kind of up there and out of my reach:(   But buying a new frame? what would be the fun in that!;)

RAtco sway bar



#3) Find a Pre-owned frame! or a used frame? A frame without rust in relatively good condition requiring only a few months of work!! This was my decision! But this decision only came about because a fellow member on the 6-pack.org directed me to a rolling chassis which he knew of! Ken or Poolboy informed of this Rolling Chassis which I could get and then get back to work once again. I think they just wanted to keep me on the forum!;)


You see, there is this extraordinary fella (Phil) in Louisiana that needed a TR6 body, but he didn’t need the frame because he fabricated his own frame to accommodate a fuel injected V-8!


In short, my husband and I took a 7 hour drive to Louisiana to buy the rolling chassis which would put me back in business once again! wooohooo!;)


On the way, I was relatively worried about how we were going to get the rolling chassis on our trailer, but Phil(owner of the trailer), had that fixed, here he had the chassis supported by his front end loader on his tractor! He just lowered the chassis onto our trailer and we were set!!

new frame7


I couldn’t believe how perfectly perfect our trailer fit this frame! Like it was made for it!

new frame5


A photo of yours Truly sitting on my “new” freshly pressure washed frame.

me and my TR

Though the frame is not in ready to use condition by any means, as it does need a bit of attention, but, these frames are getting more and more difficult to find in “good” condition. I feel confident I’ll be able to make this frame be safe and sound and ready for service in the near future!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this first blog adventure on my Triumph TR6~ please subscribe and tag along! dne’  😉

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  1. Don says:

    Always a good read! Looking forward to more.