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71 Triumph TR6~ new project

Hi! Dne’ here;)

Not long ago at a Nifty50ee’s where classic car owners gather to show off their cars, a man showed up in an MGB, little sports car. How neat it was and it Looked like a lot of fun! So my husband and I kind of started looking for a small classic vehicle.

After looking at my choices, it was either an MGB or a Triumph TR6 (keep in mind they’re both remarkable classics). However, I was more fascinated by the TR6’s smart looks, beautiful dash and instrumentation, the 6 cylinder engine, and the fact that the body may be removed for an off body restoration vs. a uni-body construction.


Here my 87 y/o mom, pretty much an 18 y/o at heart and still pretty much acts like one; she’s just a little excited by the TR6 as its parked at her home until I’m ready for it. She looks good in it!;)





I remember these cool sports cars, but never really thought too much about them. I never realized just how small they are until I got close up and personal with one.






Here my husband is following me as the little sports car didn’t have a license plate, plus I didn’t know if it was going to make the trip without giving us problems! The short trip started off OK~but~





We made it about halfway on our 15 mile journey, then the engine started loosing power like an old airplane having been shot down and coming in for a crash landing (well, over dramatization)! crap! Luckily, I brought along a tow strap, so we just pulled it the rest of the way to Moms home.




Now that it’s ours, I’m starting to get really excited about this project decision! 😉 I really love the dash! It is truly a remarkable classic!





My Wonderful husband, Gary, sitting comfortably in the driver’s seat!


This is just a tease blog, but this TR6 will be on Classic Cars and Tools for a long time to come. Not long from now, I’ll begin the journey of restoration. I’ve learned a great deal from my past projects and hope that experience will pay off in the best restoration I can perform yet!

I recently joined a forum that deals with these remarkable sports cars, it’s called 6-pack.org. These guys know the TR’s and they are FUN! 😉  If you’re a TR lover or just a lover of the classics, please subscribe to my Classic Cars and tools! Get involved! I enjoy input from you cause I sure don’t know everything!

Classic Car enthusiast forever, dne’

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8 Responses so far.

  1. Don says:

    Looks like a cool project dne’! Looking forward to your updates. Don

    • admin says:

      Thank you Don! I guess I’d better get my little butt out in the garage and finish up some other loose ends! I should have much better documentation on this TR as it’s special! But aren’t all classic’s special! restored or not, definitely a blast from our ~ not so distant past! or The Good Ole days!;) Thanks for commenting Don! dne’;)

  2. Gary says:

    That’s a very cool car, I would have chosen it over the MG also. A friend of mine had one of those back in the 80s, and I always liked it. For some reason, your pictures display very long and stretched out on my computer.

    • admin says:

      Hi Gary! I wonder why it’s showing up long and stretched on your computer? Anyway, Glad your aboard for the ride, I hope in a couple years for it to be a FINE TR! dne’

  3. Rob says:

    That’s gonna be one fine looking automobile!

  4. Gary says:

    I guess my computer does not like your pictures! The reply button didn’t work either. But, anyway, if I had one of these TRs I would be tempted to put a V8 in it, but since you have the original engine, I would go with that.

    • admin says:

      hm, have you tried another computer? like everyone just has another computer laying around? lol I’ll try your email. dne’