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The Hollister Road Company

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting, but I have something to blog about today! I’ve got just a few more things to do before starting my engine, and that is installing relays for my electric fan and electric fuel pump. I’m not much on electrical, but I have a friend from the www.67-72chevytrucks.com site that said he could make a relay setup for me! Fortunately for me,his shop is pretty much just a few miles away! Can’t beat that! His name is Dave Chapman (specializes in early model Chevy truck restoration and parts) and he is the owner of The Hollister Road Company . If you please, click on this link and it will take you directly to his marvelous website! There you can shop around for what you may need for your specific needs or best yet, get in touch with him! ; )





When Dave talked about making a relay system for me, I didn’t realize it would be so, well, professional, or store-bought looking! He makes these things! He says one of his most popular is The Mark VIII fan relay system.  I could have never made anything so well put together! He included terminals and just every thing I could possibly need without having to run down to Radio Shack or ACE hardware, which by the way is ALWAYS and hour-long trip if I do!







Well, first thing I had to do was figure out where the heck I was going to install this neat setup!  There’s a large metal piece, I call the hood latch holder? lol  I’m going to hide the relays under that piece.  I just made a little bracket to hold the relays. Luckily, I had a little leftover flat bar to do the trick! I just bent it, drilled a couple of holes and there you have it! 😉







The relays do attach to each other, then I used some self tapping screws to affix the relays to my relay bracket.







One of the other widgets that was included is this temperature sender for the electric fan. You know, it tells the fan when to come on and off.


This sensor is mounted into this thermostat extension housing which accepts two 3/8″ pipe threaded whatevers. However I only needed one and the other will be plugged. I like that blue as it matches my fuel filter!





Of course the sensor has to make its way to the electric fan right? fan and radiator






Now with the relays being cleverly hidden, I placed the fuses just inside the engine compartment.


Here the fuses are mounted on another little bracket.







For the relay feeding the Carter electric fuel pump, which is mounted just in the frame in front of the right rear wheel, Dave made one of the wires extra long to connect to it.






With the shroud, or hood latch holder, the relays are well hidden, but easily to get at if the need should arise.  Just 8 bolts and this piece of metal is easily removed.





I had to include a shot of my truck, it’s beautiful! This picture is out of sequence relating to the relays install of the earlier pictures. All those wires are now out of site. ; )

5_IMG_2500_compI hope you’ve enjoyed this little write-up, and hope that would check out Dave Chapman’s The Hollister Road company~ I’m sure he can help you with your electrical needs!



The Apache was almost ready to be started, but the most recent long tube headers that I bought off of Ebay were defective! argh! Anyway, hang in there with me~ I’ll get this truck running yet! ; )

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  1. Dave Chapman says:

    Thanks for the props. Let me know if I can help you out in the future.

  2. Robbie says:

    Very well done!

  3. regguy1 says:

    The truck is looking great!
    I’m wondering if you can help me out, I tried to visit the Garage Journal site today and it pops up “account suspended” I can’t imagine why…..I hope someone hasn’t hacked my password and post something bad? Could you make an inquiry and find out what’s gonig on and why the suspended notice?


    GJ user: Regguy1

    • admin says:

      Hi, I sent you and PM from garage journal after I finally able to log in, then sent you a couple emails. Let’s see what happens! ; ) dne’

  4. Norm Reynolds says:

    I really like what you have done you do nice work I love old cars new one get on my nerves
    looks like you are having fun

    • admin says:

      Hi Norm, thank you for stopping in at my site! and thanks for the compliment! It’s definitely fun, but a different kind of fun; maybe a challenging fun?; ) I’m with you about new cars~ I’d like someday to get a classic as a daily driver, one that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting a door ding; maybe an old mustang with no AC, original paint, kind of beat up~ you know? and drive it everywhere vs my new car. I can fix anything on these older cars! I need to get posting more stuff~ I’ll be hopefully starting my engine in my 59 Apache this week or next! yahoo! an exciting time for sure! Keep watch now and then, and thank you! dne’