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’07 Suzuki GSXR 600

Hi friends! Dne’ here with another one of my motorcycle tales! ; )

I love motorcycles!  I wish I had the room to have kept all the bikes I’ve owned! I kind of think motorcycles are meant to be kept short-term for some reason.

This particular bike, the ’07 Suzuki GSXR600, well I was lacking a motorcycle, looking for a nice street bike, I still had my TLR race bike. So, I found this bike in Dallas, a four-hour drive. I pulled my trailer just in case I wanted the bike. IT was a decent price at that time, the bike was a year old with low mileage. I test drove the bike and it ran well, but what I didn’t catch would haunt me shortly after I got it home! 🙁

Here’s the bike shortly after I got it home.  To me it was kind of plain, and I knew that I would more than likely be tearing it apart to “personalize”  it!




Too much black~!




Having a little fun! I love my motorcycle leathers! ; )









The GSXR decal is neat~





I do like the integrated turn signals into the rear cowling.IMG_2471




Here’s where it gets a little upsetting~

When I test drove the bike, I noticed a little bit of anti-freeze on the ground (warning danger Will Robinson!), but no warning went off in my head! dumbutt! The man told me he had the bike serviced and had topped off the coolant,  I bought it!

Do you see that stain in the radiator~ duh~ lol Antifreeze!



The bike at this point had obviously been involved in a crash, but was well hidden except for the radiator leak.  I wrote the man after I had taken the bike apart and found the markings of the radiator fan on the radiator. He sent me a radiator/fan, and a 100 bucks. Didn’t necessarily make me happy, but at least I didn’t have to look for a new radiator cause they’re expensive!



Not sure what I was thinking here, probably, What a piece of s–t~! more than likely!





Happy times now!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that I got the bike fixed, no other problems arose, so time to take it apart! ; ) To be honest, I think this bike was pretty cheap, or cheaply made. The plastic lower fairly was flimsy!  So I took it to Corby Gensor, my painter, and he had some left over yellow paint and painted the parts here for 300 bucks! IMG_3158


Now getting modificationitis, I saw this bare exhaust, now that’s got to create a lot of unnecessary heat!~!!!IMG_3161


So I painstakingly wrapped the exhaust with well, exhaust wrap~ which was PITA!



I don’t know if it helped, but in my mind it must have helped! These bikes run hot!



After receiving my radiator from the LIAR, I took the spare fan, and made a bracket to mount this fan as an auxiliary fan for when stuck in traffic on hot days. I don’t have pictures of the auxiliary fan, but I  used the same fan as the bike came with, but had to make brackets to hold it in place.

new radiator



Sorry for the poor picture, but I mounted a toggle switch and an indicator light to let me know when the auxiliary fan was on. I wouldn’t run the fan unless I felt it necessary. Let me assure you, this worked great! I could sit in 100 degree heat and see the temperature come down on the temp gauge!




Well, here we go, getting a little exciting now! Got my parts back from Corby! BEAUTIFUL!! ,and and (starting to studder!) exciting color for sure!




Slowly, I re-installed the body parts back on the bike!








Here I was taking measurements for decals, can’t have a bike without graphics!




IMG_3198 IMG_3199 IMG_3200 IMG_3201 IMG_3204





finally, all the parts are back on! Looks great doesn’t it!!!




But the black wheels have to go! Many riders would prefer the black wheels.IMG_3215




Of course this time I didn’t go with just powder coating the wheels! I bought these jewels! Expensive~ yes!  Gorgeous~ YES!
















This has got the be the sharpest looking bike on the street!





IMG_3915 IMG_3917


Of course we can’t do with a stock exhaust! This Yoshimura exhaust was reasonably priced, sounded great and looked incredible!




This GSXR 600 now looked incredible! IMG_3925a

To be honest, I rode the bike down I-10, the largest freeway in the world, and was thinking, “What was I thinking!”  Houston traffic is horrible! There is no place to ride without worrying about getting ran over! I soon sold the bike! But I’m the one that made it a masterpiece! It was my design! ; )


I hope you enjoyed this little write-up about this ’07 GSXR 600. I will be posting more of bike past bikes, and eventually my present bike/s! Motorcycles are awesome, doesn’t matter what brand, style, they’re all fantastic! Just wish I lived in an area where riding was a little more enjoyable!

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  1. ET56 says:

    Nice write-up Dene, What a transformation, that bike came out awesome.

  2. A really good read, well done on the job done.
    I have a K3 1000 in blue/white/black , but I also have a friend with a custom air brushed zzr 1200 and it really looks nice.
    Very tempted to take the plunge… 🙂

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